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Wigs VS Extensions

Mar 16, 2017 2:45:07 AM

We all know that there are two ways for you to change your hair style in a short time. You can wear wigs or extensions. But do you know some kinds of these two products.

 Lace wigs are specially designed for those with moderate to severe hair loss, but can be worn by anyone who wants the quality lace affords. This lace creates the illusion that the hair really grows from the scalp. It is made of a fine poly-silk mesh base in which fibers are hand tied to this thin breathable fabric. It is placed at either the hairline or from the front to the crown, which can be parted in any direction for maximum styling versatility. They are light-weight and softer to the touch than regular wigs.

 African American wigs are made from high quality man-made fiber which is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from human hair except to the most practiced eye. The hair fiber comes "pre-styled" with curls or straightness locked into the "memory" of the fiber. This means easy upkeep for the life of the wig. With the proper care, these products can last a very long time.

 Synthetic wigs are making from synthetic hair, but it looks like human hair and the price is very cheap. There also have more style and colors than human wigs

 Clip-in hair extensions come in human hair or synthetic hair and they are affordable, lightweight and easy to attach without damaging your hair. Blend these undetectable clip-in hair extensions seamlessly with your hair to go from short to long, create volume or texture.

Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions is the updated Stick hair, which is made of 100% human hair with self Micro ring System. You only need a professional hair extensions plier to apply these hair extensions which menas hair extension tools will not be needed! This is because Micro Loop Hair Extensions have the Micro Loop and Micro ring attached already. This system does not require any heat, glue, keratin bonding or sewing. Most importantly this system does not yield damaging effects on the hair as heat, glue, keratin bonds, glues, braiding or sewing. 

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