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Human Hair Wig Vs Synthetic Wig

Feb 20, 2017 2:09:35 AM

As well as looking natural, arguably human hair wigs feel far more comfortable, as unlike synthetic hair they allow a certain amount of 'breathability'. When thinking about the comfort of a potential wig purchase however, it is perhaps most important to consider the type of wig bases available. There are a variety of materials used to make the base of a wig and an increasing popularity of products with a combination of these materials to offer maximum comfort and realism. Two of the most common materials are as follows:


Synthetic hair wigs

Providing instant satisfaction, synthetic hair wigs come ready to wear. Already coloured and styled, synthetic hair has what specialists' refer to as 'memory', meaning the wig retains its shape after being washed and therefore no styling is needed. However, arguably this convenience comes at the expense of versatility; synthetic hair cannot be treated with heated styling irons and has to be carefully protected from heat in everyday situations. Even the heat from opening an oven can cause damage to the hair fibre; therefore synthetic wigs generally wear out much quicker than their human hair equivalents. Yet this may not pose a problem to an individual who enjoys the freedom of wearing a variety of different styled wigs for irregular intervals.


Human hair wigs

As well as appearing much more like a real head of hair, human hair wigs feel much more realistic to the touch. Similarly to synthetic hair, human hair wigs must be cared for carefully, however they are far superior in terms of durability. Washing and styling are essential when caring for a human hair product. On purchase, they often come in a simple style allowing the wig to be cut and even coloured on request, a service most good wig specialists should provide. Whether you want to create a brand new look or are attempting to recreate the hair you've lost, human hair wigs can often allow the first important step to deal with long-term hair loss, offering a realistic and pleasing aesthetic.


When looking for a wig that appears undetectable but also, allows for as little disruption to your daily routine as possible, a bespoke design is often advised, especially for those hair loss sufferers who enjoy leading an active lifestyle. Now you have a certain understanding of human and synthetic wig. I believe you can make the right decision according to your own conditions. Buy the right wigs for yourself.

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