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Buy Wigs – Synthetic Wigs Are The Best

Jun 8, 2017 3:19:35 AM

Let's talk synthetics wigs. Not only are most synthetics cost effective with the right care regime a synthetic piece can last from 3 to 6 months. Always remember the basics. Barbie wouldn't allow her synthetic hair to go uncombed and neither should you! Combing regularly is important to circumvent problems with snags and knots. Just make sure to be gentle. Also, be sure to seek out the proper implements to serve this purpose. Find the brushes and cleaning products that fit you and your synthetic hair. When caring for your synthetics are sure to watch your heat sources. Avoid the heat, avoid the frizz! Ovens, hair dryers, flat irons & curling irons will all shorten the life of your synthetics causing irreparable heat damage.


Question about washing your synthetics? The answer is, please do! Most experts suggest washing a wig after it has been worn between 7-12 times. Now that you've got the brushing down ready a sink full of cold water. You'll want to use one tablespoon of the proper shampoo of your choice. When washing your synthetic avoid roughly handling your wig. When it comes to synthetics rubbing is strictly verboten. Submerge your tresses for a several minutes and gently move the wig about to loosen dirt and debris. Make several goes until your piece is clean. All the while, remembering to be gentle. When it comes time to drying your wig, once again avoid heat sources including direct sunlight. Make use of a towel or hand towel to Lay your pieces out and allow them to air dry. Do not use implements that may stretch your synthetics while they dry. Remember not to brush your synthetics until they are completely dry. It is imperative to follow these instructions or others alike in order to have the maximum lifespan for your synthetic wig for full comfort and happiness with your product.

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